Premature infant: Reasons why children may be born prematurely Normally a pregnancy lasts approx. 40 weeks counted from the last day of menstruation,

but from the day you enter the 37th week, the child is actually considered full-term.Before that,the child is called premature, (Premature infant).

and children who are born prematurely are considered premature. If a child is born earlier than week 32, then you usually talk about very premature

or even extremely premature, but births like these are quite unusual. Reasons why children may be born prematurely

The most common reasons for babies being born before week 37 are labor starting too early or the water breaking .

Sometimes it is possible to stop early contractions with the help of pain-suppressing drugs, but not always.

there are various things that can increase the risk of the birth coming prematurely – it can be due to an infection in the abdomen.

As a parent, you naturally need help dealing with what you have experienced, and an important part is to become one of the daily care of the little one yourself.

It is important that you as a parent to talk to a pediatrician and other health professionals after the Premature infant.