10 ways to improve your mental well-being Unlock your potential, make mental health essential. Embrace self-care, for a soul repair.

Positive psychology, or simply positive psychology, is the science of how people perform well and thrive.

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It's about increasing quality and efficiency while also increasing job satisfaction and motivation.

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1. Be grateful

There are many ways you can be grateful. You could, for instance, take a piece of paper and list all the things that you are grateful for.

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The classic positive psychology exercise of writing down three things that make you happy each day is one of the most popular.

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You can also write letters to people you are grateful for in your life. Finally, you can work on being more thankful to those who enrich your life.

2. More love

The good news about moments of love is not only shared with a few people, but also shared between others.

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When two people have positive feelings and synchronicity, the miko moments are when they share them.

3. Sleep

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Our mood is affected by how well we sleep. Not only is it important for our bodies' recovery, but also for reducing negative thoughts.

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Sleep deprivation hits the brain's positive memory area more than the one where negative stimuli are created.