The identity of a smart person is that he always keeps himself updated with the happenings around him and in the country and world.

He knows every important thing.Try to pay attention to body language like Your gesture, face expression, way of getting up, way of talking.

Those who go to the gym daily or exercise, their body looks more attractive than other people.

And in such a situation, everyone gets easily impressed by him. Smart people do not have the tendency to postpone any work.

Such people complete all their work on time. Time costs too much for them. Try to take responsibility and think like a smart person. 

This will increase your prestige everywhere. Your clothes should be clean cloth and pressed.

If you want to make a different identity in the society, then you should do something that other people do not do or do very little.

The person who is happy has the power to complete any difficult task easily. You have to increase your skills so that no matter what field you work in, your demand is highest.