10 Health Benefits of Flaxseeds oil If you want to get healthy skin, then you can use flax seed which has many benefits.

It not only works to detoxify the body but is also very beneficial for the skin. The use of flax seed oil is effective in curing any problems related to the skin and acne.

Taking a little oil and applying it on the affected area will be beneficial. Vitamins and minerals are also found in flaxseed oil along with omega 3 

fatty acids which give better nutrition to the hair. Linseed oil must be consumed to strengthen hair and prevent hair fall.

Any kind of inflammation inside and outside the body aggravates diseases. Eating linseed oil reduces inflammation of organs like intestine, liver inside the body.

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in flaxseed oil which lowers the cholesterol level.Flax seeds are also helpful in keeping the skin moisturized

make the skin smooth and soft. One of the biggest benefits of flaxseed oil is that it helps your digestive system to function properly and smoothly.

A spoonful of flaxseed in the morning with one or two glasses of lukewarm water will keep your system clean and help in better digestion of food.

People who regularly consume linseed oil, their age also increases. Many benefits like reducing cholesterol level, improving the digestive system are available with the consumption of flaxseed oil.